Debian packages for Canon Pixus iP3100 / ip4100 / ip8600 (and Pixma iP1000 / iP1500)

Sorry, English version only. (No Japanese version)

What's this?

I made three Debian packages, libcnbj-2.5, bjfilter-2.5 and pstocanonbj.

With these packages, libcnbj-2.5, bjfilter-2.5 and pstocanonbj, you can use Canon Pixus iP3100 / iP4100 / iP8600 (and probably) Pixma iP1000 / iP1500 under cupsys and Debian. As well as you can setup these printers easily, I made these packages so that you can install drivers for other Pixus printers on the same computer. With the original version provided by Canon, you cannot install drivers for different types of Pixus printers since some files in original archive causes conflict.

Notice: pstocanonbj program in pstocanonbj package was written by me from scratch, since pstocanonbj provided by Canon does not work at all. My version is much simpler, thus, you'll find less trouble. If it does not work fine, contact me. Never contact Canon.

With my packages, you will know the minimum requirement to use Canon Pixus printers under cupsys. This information will be important when you want to make packages for other linux distributions, I think.

Supported printers are:

Recent model number of Canon printers differs between countries. You may use printers of similar model number with the above drivers. If you succeed to use printers not listed above, please tell me.

[2005-12-21] I received a report that drivers for Pixma iP1000 and iP1500 worked fine.

How to use drivers.

Before installation of my packages, make sure that cupsys on your system works fine.

You need these apt-lines:

deb ./
Then, install packages:
# apt-get update
# apt-get install libcnbj-2.5 bjfilter-2.5 pstocanonbj
Cupsys will be automatically restarted.

Add printer configuration to cupsys. Vender is Canon, and Driver is, for example, "Canon PIXUS iP8600 ver.2.5".

(Optional) You can get source packages with this apt-line:

deb-src ./

Known bugs

License is complicated. See here

Another problem is that pstocanonbj provided by Canon did not work at all. I had to make an original version. My program is much simpler, and has enough function. I don't know why Canon made such a complicated filter :-(.

[2006/02/05] In my pstocanonbj, the casette seet feeding is disabled. See here for detail.