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David S. Lawyer

v1.41 February 2008
This document explains what text terminals are, how they work, how to install and configure them, and provides some info on how to repair them. If you don't have a terminal manual, it may be of help. While it was originally written for real terminals on a Linux system, much of it is also applicable to terminal emulation and may be helpful for non-Linux systems.

1. Introduction

2. Types of Terminals

3. Thin Clients Terminals

4. Quick Install

5. Why Use a Terminal ?

6. Overview of How Terminals Work (in Linux)

7. Terminal Special Files such as /dev/tty

8. Some Details on How Terminals Work

9. Special Features of Some Terminals

10. Terminal Emulation (including the Console)

11. Flow Control (Handshaking)

12. Physical Connection

13. Set-Up (Configure) in General

14. Terminal Set-Up (Configure) Details

15. Computer Set-Up (Configure) Details

16. Terminfo and Termcap (detailed)

17. Using the Terminal

18. Special Uses for a Terminal

19. Trouble-Shooting

20. Repair & Diagnose

21. Appendix A: General

22. Appendix B: Escape Sequence Commands Terminology

23. Appendix C: Serial Communications on EIA-232 (RS-232)

24. Appendix D: Notes by Brand/Model

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